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  • End Dump Services- We offer a variety of end dumps to handle any special hauling need.
  • We have shorter frame-type dumps to handle dump sites with limited space.
  • We offer steel dumps for rip-rap, armor stone, and debris hauling.
  • 40 ft. end dumps for long haul bulk hauling. These trailers range from 46 cu yards to 72 cu yards capacity.


Service Areas

Our local fleet service areas are in Georgia and South Carolina.
Our long haul fleet equipment operates throughout the U.S.



Jackie B. Lovett Trucking Company offers day cab trucks which handle a variety of bulk hauling in our local area. We have sleeper trucks to run our longer hauls. Our trailers consists of 28 ft. tri-axle end dumps, steel dumps to handle larger material and 40 ft. aluminum trailers with a capacity ranging from 46 cu yards to 72 cu yards for longer hauls.